Saturday, May 2, 2020

Understanding Plagiarism Linguistic

Question: Discuss that plagiarism is serious issue for students and researchers or not? Answer: Plagiarism is serious issue for students and researchers. Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work. It is expected that students shall not use the work of others by their own name. It is expected that students would refer to other sources gain knowledge. However, students should not use the content of other people. It can be said that students can commit the plagiarism knowingly or unknowingly. There are certain guidelines that can ensure that students write genuine content. For example, students should not read and write at same time. It means that the first part of any academic work should be the study part of reading part. Once this is done, then students should write. There could be cases when students are required to refer to previous studies or work of others. In these cases, students should provide due reference (Hagen, 2012 ). If student is using the exact words of others then these words should be put in inverted commas. It would be correct to say that plagiarism is an important aspect of academic integrity and student must avoid plagiarism. Students should also realize that there exist specific tools in the market that can detect plagiarism. Therefore, students should not even try to produce plagiarized content. With respect to academic and education field, it can be said that plagiarism is a serious thing. Various universities have the guidelines for plagiarism and it is expected that students would follow these guidelines. There are certain ways by which plagiarism can be avoided. Students may sometime use plagiarism when they fall short of time to complete the task. In these situations, it is always advisable to ask for extension rather that producing a plagiarized content. Students should realize that plagiarism is not accepted in any form. One of an important step to ensure that plagiarism is avoided is to manage the time and start well in advance. Another important step is to make notes while studying. The notes would act as good source for students to complete the tasks. A good amount of study before writing the paper would help students to avoid plagiarism (Abraham, 2012). It is important that students should show high ethical standards and avoid plagiarism. It not only creates bad reputation but plagiarism can also affect the grades badly. There is no point in giving a plagiarized content by ones own name. It is expected that students would show maturity and they would avoid plagiarized content. Typically, copying from Internet sources does plagiarism. It would be good if student do not refer to these sources while writing the paper. The external sources and Internet sources should only be referred by studying the topic and doing the background research. References Alzahrani, S. M., Salim, N., Abraham, A. (2012). Understanding plagiarism linguistic patterns, textual features, and detection methods.Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C: Applications and Reviews, IEEE Transactions on,42(2), 133-149. Potthast, M., Gollub, T., Hagen, M., Kiesel, J., Michel, M., Oberlnder, A., ... Stein, B. (2012, September). Overview of the 4th International Competition on Plagiarism Detection. InCLEF (Online Working Notes/Labs/Workshop).

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